About us

We are a group of people who love doing the work of the Lord. We are far from perfect. We make mistakes every day, but we strive to do better. We see the church as not a building, but a group of people that share the love of God as a torch that burns inside of each one of us. We strive to light the world on fire for the man who we see as our Lord and Savior.


We also believe that everyone at College Hill has a gift that can be utilized to serve God in their own unique way. We encourage leaders to emerge and stand boldly for Christ so that his love and affection can be felt by all mankind.

our pastors
Dr. Kelvin Croom

Senior Pastor

Rev. Bessie McCaw

Executive Pastor

Hospitality Ministry

Rev. Tyler Walker

Associate Pastor

The Christian Experience

college hill
   baptist Church




600 24th Avenue East

Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

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Sunday Service 10:30a    |    Small Groups Monday 6p    |    Bible Study Wednesday 5:30p

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